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  • Master's Degrees
  • Microsoft Certified
  • Certified by Stanford University, USA 
  • Certified by University of California, USA 
  • Certified by American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Certified by G6 University of Hospitality Management, USA
  • A+ Certified by Computing Technology Industry Association of America (CompTIA)
  • Fluent in 6 Languages (English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic and Haryanvi)

Ahmed Faraz Rao - FREE GUIDE SERVICE - Helping Low-Income Immigrants since 2015





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Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants, contains practical information to help you settle into everyday life in the United States. It also contains basic civics information that introduces you to the U.S. system of government. CLICK HERE to download free copies in 14 languages.


Your child above 21 may be eligible to get immigrant visa. Before CSPA took effect on August 6, 2002, a beneficiary who turned 21 at any time prior to receiving permanent residence could not be considered a child for immigration purposes but now as per Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) 2002, your child above 21 can also get immigrant visa. The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) amended the Immigration Nationality Act (INA) by changing who qualifies as a child for purposes of immigrant. This permits certain beneficiaries (see the glossary for a definition of the term “beneficiary”) to retain classification as a “child,” even if he or she has reached the age of 21. CLICK HERE to Read More



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